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Mulch grades for your garden


A great option for your garden is mulch. As an organic compound they will break down over time releasing nutrients into your garden. Different mulches can be made of denser material it takes longer to break down reducing the frequency of mulch application. Mulches come in a range of grades – from fine through medium, and course. The best grade of mulch to use is course as it doesn’t readily absorb any moisture allowing more […]


How to mulch


Why? During cold or dry times plants become very vulnerable. Mulching can offer huge benefits in these situations. It has the ability to lock in moisture and to insulate roots from cold in addition to offering protection against weeds and providing extra nutrients for a plant. It also has the added benefit of making the tops of pots and borders more aesthetically pleasing. What? Mulch can be made from a number of substances, usually from […]


Cheap Mulch in Sydney!

Arbor Mulch

The free mulch offer is over. We do however offer cheap mulch starting at as little as $50 delivered for up to 7-8 cubic metres. Contact today for availability.


How much mulch is too much?

Too much mulch!

Sometimes we see trees and gardens with mulch bedded 20 cm high. It can looks really nice, like a volcano of mulch, but like a volcano the mulch can get hot, steamy, moist and can cause damage to whatever it touches. The cambium layer of the tree that supports the tree’s life now has to compete with moulds and fungi that the mound of mulch breeds. It is a fantastic environment for rodents such as […]


How long does it take mulch to decompose into soil?

Decomposing Mulch

A common question on mulch and wood chips is how long does it take mulch to decompose into soil? The answer isn’t straight forward. It depends on climate, conditions, and the type of mulch. If the mulch has been treated then it will take longer to decompose than untreated mulch (the kind you get from your local tree arborist). Why would you want to know how long it takes for mulch to decompose? Wood chip, […]


Free Mulch (offer expired)

Free Mulch in Sydney

OFFER HAS EXPIRED For a limited time we are offering FREE MULCH to people across the Sydney Region. Why? Because we have too much and want to get rid of some. Give us a call today for your free mulch! 0488 222 296. Since it is free we will only deliver quantities in small truckloads (the amount varies based on the jobs carried out in the day). The quality of the mulch is always excellent but there will be […]


Mulch & Wood Chip Sales

Mulch Sales

If you need mulch or wood chip for your garden or landscaping project our aborists are able to suppy you with fresh produce and deliver it right to your garden or project. To supply and deliver the mulch or wood chip will be at a fraction of the cost from purchasing it from a nursery – with the delivery fee being waived if we are already removing trees in your area. It is just one of […]


Best Mulch in Sydney

Best Mulch

There are a few ways you can get in contact with us to get a free quote on how much it will cost to deliver quality mulch and wood chip to your door. We are substantially cheaper than nurseries because you are buying it direct from an arborist and leaving the middle man out of the equation. You can contact us by: Calling us on 0488 222 296 during business hours Send us an email at […]