About Us

Sydney Mulch Sales is the mulch division of Sydney Tree Removals. It acts as an extension of the business so people can access mulch at a very cheap and affordable prices. The reason why we offer substantially cheaper mulch than nurseries (starting at $50 delivered for 7 cubic metres)  is because our primary business is tree removal and mulch is simply a by-product of this work.

Things to keep in mind

We deliver the mulch at the completion of a tree removal job in your area so…

  • Be flexible! If our job in your area gets delayed, so does your mulch. Nothing we can do about it. You’ll be getting a bargain  and that means being accommodating to our staff.
  • Make it easy for us to unload! We’ll be backing up a truck to your property and tipping it straight from the back of the truck. If the truck can’t access the location you want the mulch then you’ll have to find a temporary spot and relocate it yourself. We’ll only reverse the truck down your driveway if you’ve cleared a path and it is safe to do so.
  • We may not deliver immediately! We have a lot of work on and sometimes we’ll be tree lopping in the inner west of Sydney for weeks. So if your in Western Sydney and need mulch right away your might be better sourcing it from a nursery. If you want an immediate load of mulch we  can be accommodating but you’ll need to let us know and be willing to cover the costs of the additional travel and labour hire.
  • Our mulch is fresh! In almost all cases it is still green an untreated. This makes it a much better organic compost for your garden as it will breakdown (~3 years) and release nutrients to your garden. It will not last as long as treated wood chip you buy from a nursery (~5 years).
  • Bigger orders are better! We prefer orders in lots of  7-8 cubic meters – this amount is roughly one truckload.  If you require less we may still be able to accommodate but we’d rather you talk to your neighbours and find places for the extra mulch.

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