Looking for regular mulch deliveries?

We are looking for people that will accept large mulch deliveries on a regular basis. Each load can range between 8-18 cubic metres. We can do multiple deliveries and sometimes we have several trucks working and can easily deliver 20 cubic metres in a day. 18 cubic metres will cost approximately $200 delivered. If you…

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Palm mulch for rose gardens!

Did you know that palm mulch is perfect for rose beds? The acidity is just right in the fibrous mulch and it holds a good amount of water making it perfect for your rose beds. You can use other types of mulch but from our experience they are less effective than palm mulch. According to the…

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Mulch grades for your garden

A great option for your garden is mulch. As an organic compound they will break down over time releasing nutrients into your garden. Different mulches can be made of denser material it takes longer to break down reducing the frequency of mulch application. Mulches come in a range of grades – from fine through medium,…

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Can Mulch Burn?

Mulch Fire

As bush fire season closes in we start asking ourselves how can we protect our homes this summer? We empty our gutters, rake up our leaves, clear dead shrubs, and keep our grass mowed short. But what about the fresh mulch I just put on my garden… is it a fire hazard? The answer is…

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How much mulch is too much?

Too much mulch!

Sometimes we see trees and gardens with mulch bedded 20 cm high. It can looks really nice, like a volcano of mulch, but like a volcano the mulch can get hot, steamy, moist and can cause damage to whatever it touches. The cambium layer of the tree that supports the tree’s life now has to…

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Beginners Guide to Composting

Garden Composting

1. Select the Site The best spot of a compost site is a place where there is good drainage and well shaded in summer. You should also make it accessible for shovelling and bringing organic waste to the site. Keep in mind that it may attract insects and have a odour. 2. What to Compost Compost is only works…

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Wood Chips Sales in Sydney

Wood Chip Sales

Wood chips are of more benefit than just being cosmetic. Once being in place they break the impact of raindrops and prevent soil erosion. Wood chips also offer insulation, protecting the trees roots from the summer heat and also preventing evaporation of water from the soil so the plant remains hydrated. There is no need…

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