Mulch & Wood Chip Sales

Mulch Sales

If you need mulch or wood chip for your garden or landscaping project our aborists are able to suppy you with fresh produce and deliver it right to your garden or project. To supply and deliver the mulch or wood chip will be at a fraction of the cost from purchasing it from a nursery –…

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Arborist Organic Mulches

Fresh Mulch

Organic mulches consist of natural plant-produced materials such as branches, twigs, dead wood, bark, wood chips, leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, fruits and flowers to name a few. There are also inorganic mulches too (like gravel, pebbles, plastic, fabric) which also serve a purpose but are less environment friendly than organics. The main difference between…

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Best Mulch in Sydney

Best Mulch

There are a few ways you can get in contact with us to get a free quote on how much it will cost to deliver quality mulch and wood chip to your door. We are substantially cheaper than nurseries because you are buying it direct from an arborist and leaving the middle man out of the…

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Benefits of Mulching

Organic mulch around a tree base

Sydney is expected to have a long hot summer. So as the weather heats across Australia it is time to start draught proofing your gardens. One way to do that is to lay some good quality mulch. One of the main purposes of laying mulch is to retain moisture in the soil allowing your garden…

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Wood Chip / Mulch Sales

Best Organic Mulch in Sydney

Wood chip produced in tree removal Tree removal should be executed by an experience arborist. Sydney Tree Removals only employs professional qualified arborists for tree removal who can work at height, in confined spaces, near power line, over houses, and near roads. Sydney Tree Removals will accomplish tree removal in a safe and skilled manner…

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