Can Mulch Burn?

Mulch FireAs bush fire season closes in we start asking ourselves how can we protect our homes this summer? We empty our gutters, rake up our leaves, clear dead shrubs, and keep our grass mowed short. But what about the fresh mulch I just put on my garden… is it a fire hazard?

The answer is that mulch is flammable and once it catches fire it will remain in a state of combustion for some time. If the mulch is touching other flammable materials such as  a fence or your house then the fire can easily spread. Mulch fires typically occur during dry, hot weather, with a secondary source of ignition.  Studies have shown that the type of mulch does determine how flammable it is. With being green, chunky, and hardwood being the three desirable traits for more flame resistant mulch. Shredded, dry, rubber mulch were traits that lead to the fastest ignition.

So here are some tips for being fire safe with your mulch this summer

  • Consider this hazard and take appropriate steps to protect your assets and family;
  • Provide a minimum clearance of 50 cm between mulch and combustible materials such as fences and buildings;
  • Be aware of times of dry heat that increases the risk of fires;
  • Mulch may spontaneously combust if left in large piles;
  • Provide a safe place for people to dispose of cigarettes instead of garden beds;
  • Consider planting fire-resistant plants; and
  • Keep garden beds moist.

If you live in an area that is highly susceptible to wild fires or bush fires, you may want to consider gravel mulch instead of wood mulch. We do not supply gravel mulch as we only supply green chunky mulch from our arbor jobs. So when you are protecting you plants this summer, make sure you also protect your assets and family.

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