How much mulch is too much?

Too much mulch!

Too much mulch hurts the tree

Sometimes we see trees and gardens with mulch bedded 20 cm high. It can looks really nice, like a volcano of mulch, but like a volcano the mulch can get hot, steamy, moist and can cause damage to whatever it touches. The cambium layer of the tree that supports the tree’s life now has to compete with moulds and fungi that the mound of mulch breeds. It is a fantastic environment for rodents such as rats who can live off the nutritious food found in abundance in the mulch. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t pile mulch this high – the primary one being you may end up killing the tree – the fungi and mould in particular pose a real risk to your tree’s health.

The right amount of mulch is around 4-10 centimetres high. It should be spread evenly and not mounded at the base of the tree or plants. This amount of mulch will provide adequate insulation against the weather – trapping warmth in the soil in the cold winters and shielding the roots from extreme heat in the blistering summers. The mulch will also trap moisture while slowly release nutrients into the soil as it breaks down. This promotes root and tree growth, while forming a barrier against weeds which may grow slow and compete for the nutrients found in the garden’s soil.

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